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A library of cinematic scenarios to enhance your presentations and training.

What is is our extensive video asset library of cinematic clips to be used as resources for creating E-learning materials across all industries. Stream, download as is, or edit to suit your needs. includes both linear and branching models. The linear scenarios follow a single path to the story's conclusion, while branching scenarios have decision points that affect the outcome of the story.

Benefits of Live-Action Video Cinematic Scenarios

Micro-burst E-learning scenarios can help improve human performance in real life when they have:

  1. Entertaining content to capture attention.

  2. Engaging context to increase retention.

  3. Educational narrative to activate more of the brain than slides.

  4. Efficient structure to be used multiple times in multiple ways.

  5. Effective impact to increase knowledge and help improve performance.

Our scenarios have all of the above and more. Curate your own collection of scenarios and use them in multiple instructional designs. Scenarios in your collection never expire and are available for reuse in any presentation. Create your own video library.

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How To Incorporate Scenarios

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From your collection you have the ability to copy a scenario link into any instruction or presentation.

This method requires an internet connection.

Learn more about linking to a scenario.

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No Internet Connection?

Instead of using the web player, you can download your videos and incorporate them into your presentations.

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Scenario Comparison & Pricing

Both prices include unlimited internal use for as long as your account is active. Purchased scenarios will not have the branding or watermark.

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Branching icon dark cc810a64678646ae6975b54b3b77af28ec289d39331fa289c905f07738ad2ee8

Linear scenarios follow a single path to the story's conclusion.

Branching scenarios have decision points which affect the outcome of the story.

from $99 per scenario

$399 per scenario

Runtime range

1 - 8 minutes

2 - 10 minutes

Price Includes
  • 1 lead-in message
  • 1 video clip
  • 1 lead-in message
  • 1-2 intro videos
  • 1 branching decision screen
  • 3-4 outcome videos
  • brief pedagogy text of key concepts

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